Citizen Science and Cancer

I’ve got a very cool bit of citizen science to show you today that you can get involved in right now. It’s called Click to Cure, and allows members of the public to look at cell images, classify and count cancer cells within them. It is quick, fun, and cool to know that in some small way you are contributing to cancer research! Importantly, it reminds us that there is interperetation and “best guesses” involved in science, however replication, careful experimental design and  statistical analysis all  can help make any conclusions made more scientific – users are told not to worry if they are unsure about a particular image as it will be shown to many citizen scientists. Over 2087077 samples have been analysed to date. Isn’t that incredible?

The  project reminded me of Snapshot Serengeti, another interesting citizen science project identifying animals taken on camera traps in the Serengeti. Turns out there is a reason for this – both are part of Zooniverse – a site full of interesting citizen science projects. You can help investigate the ocean floor, tag diaries of World War I soldiers, or  explore the moon’s surface. Now you can procrastinate and further academic research at the same time!


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