Molecular interactions… through the medium of interpretive dance!

Biomedical Engineer David Odde and Carl Flink from BLM dance company joined forces to model molecular interactions within cells using dancers. The dancers were given rules to follow to mimic particular molecules and the idea was to get an idea of what this interaction might look like. They also aimed to test out completely new ideas about how molecules in a cell interact. The dancers can give a clear, immediate impression about how well the interaction would work, if at all!

I have to admit that I’m somewhat skeptical about any actual scientific insights to come out of this project – (apart from highlighting the dynamism of activities going within a cell). However, I adore cross-overs between art and science – so the creativity of this approach is enough to impress me. Not only that but as a dance the work is really interesting to watch. The dancers do not look graceful. They do not look light. They crash into eachother; each movement seems heavy handed and physical. It makes me imagine the millions of molecular dancers inside me as I watch, dancing around and crashing into one another, running towards and repelling eachother, an insane buzz of activity.


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