It’s in his DNA

Okay, bear with me on this one…. DNA by Little Mix came on the radio today and the lyrics made me think about some interesting questions about the science behind attractiveness! For anyone unfamiliar with the lyrical genius of Little Mix here are a few choice lines :

“No scientist, or biology/It’s obvious, when he’s holding me/It’s only natural that I’m so affected…It’s in his DNA/D-D-D-DNA/It’s in his DNA….Now I don’t have any first degree/But I know, what he does to me/No need to work it out, it’s so familiar”

The thing is  what makes someone attracted to someone else is a hugely interesting question in Biology and Psychology! And I reckon loads of people without much of a background in sciences would love to know why they fancy who they fancy. And is it in our DNA? Is there a direct link between genetics and how attractive you find someone?

So what do we know about the science behind attraction? Lots of people have looked into it, but there is quite a bit of dodgy science that has come out of making assumptions about humans based on biological concepts (for example, apparently us ladies love ruddy faced guys… until they get too red Having said that, it does seem that facial features that people find attractive such as symmetry can indicate the quality( and diversity ( of someone’s genes as well as their general health and ability to reproduce (

So maybe it is in his DNA…


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